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Preparing your business for success, no matter what happens.

We are leaders, empowering any business to navigate any type of business crisis. EBRG consistently delivers unique analysis, training, and tools tailored to your individualized business. Our two training solutions include Business Risk Management and Project Management.


Business Risk Management Training and Workshops

Business Risk Management engagements focus on the development of proactive individualized plans to promote and support your normal business operations in the face of the unexpected. EBRG is globally certified through the Business Continuity Institute. Our training resources and workshops enable you to identify potential business vulnerabilities and operational risks. We help you develop tools, exercises and to put plans in place to address any type of business interruption, small or large — including wide scale power outages, flooding or weather damage, and even future pandemics.

We also offer Business Risk Audits, which are perfect for commercial lenders, insurers, government agencies, and more.  They put the power of Business Continuity principles to work to enable you to understand if a business you're engaging with is properly prepared for potential crisis and interruptions that could negatively impact all parties involved.

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Project Management Training and Workshops

Our Project Management training and workshops deliver PMP certified Project Management expertise. Our team is experienced, professional, and prepared to help you achieve successful initiatives such as new product development and launches, site expansions, relocations, and new equipment installations, to name a few. We bring years of experience working through all phases of successful Project Management, from scope through delivery. No matter what type of project you envision, chances are we’ve successfully executed many similar projects and can bring that expertise to benefit your business.

The Project Management Process:

When you're focused on your business and supporting your customers and clients with the products and/or services they love, it can be easy to miss the basics of project management that ensure any project you have underway for your business stays on-scope and in-budget.  

As certified Project Management Professionals, we are here to help you stay focused on your business.  We have the training and tools to enable your business to manage your large and small projects, enabling you to focus your energy on the passion that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

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