Webinar: Risk Reduction for Small Business

Webinar: Risk Reduction for Small Business

How much has 2020 cost YOUR business?  This webinar, Risk Reduction for Small Business, will give you and your business the tools you need to prepare for anything 2021 will throw at you.  


In this webinar you'll learn how to incorporate the same tools and framework used by Fortune 500 companies, governments, and militaries around the world to be prepared for any risk to their operations:  Business Continuity Management.


We walk you through what your business needs in order to make the critical practice of Business Continuity Management a key part of your business strategy and success, including:

  • Why Business Continuity is so important.
  • How the Business Continuity Management framework is setup.
  • The steps to take for YOUR business to develop your own custom Business Continuity Plan.


After watching this webinar, your business will be ready to thrive in 2021 and beyond!