Basic Business Impact Analysis Template

Basic Business Impact Analysis Template

With the effects of the pandemic still rippling through the global economy, this template will guide your business in understanding the weaknesses that could wreck havoc on your business in times of uncertainty.  


This template is perfect for companies that are:

  • Learning the basics of Business Continuity best practices.
  • Looking for a DIY alternative to begin improving their resilience.
  • Looking to identify critical processes for focusing continuous improvement efforts.


This template will walk your company through the following stages ofthe Business Continuty Plan development process:

  • Business Impact Analysis - Ideniitfy effects of interrutpions to your key business processes.
  • Risk Analysis - Identify what risks could cause interruptions to your key business processes.
  • Continuity Requirements Analysis - Identify how long your business can operated without key processes, and prioritize which processes to bring back online first.
  • File Format

    Microsoft PowerPoint