Was Your Business Prepared for a Google Outage?

It's ok, we use Google for our cloud services. It's ok, our email and calendar is all handled by Google Gmail. It's ok, we use Google Docs to ensure our documents are saved and accessible by anyone at anytime. It's ok, I use YouTube for my video hosting because it's always accessible by anyone. It's ok, we use Google for our virtual classroom so kids can do school at home.

Google's main services, including, YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Classroom were down for roughly an hour this morning. There's currently no official estimate on the number of people impacted by the outage, but given the reach of Google's services, 100's of millions of people is likely low on the scale.

The average cost of a minor IT/Telecommunications outage is $53,210 per minute. The AVERAGE COST of a MINOR outage!!! This was a Google outage, one of the largest and most widely utilized internet related service providers in the world! What was the cost to YOUR business for this outage?

It's easy for those of us in the small business world to assume that the giant global corporations are safe places to store and access our critical information, but today's Google outage is a clear reminder that every business needs a Business Continuity Plan in place to deal with any, and I emphasize ANY, interruption to your business' critical processes, no matter what the cause.

While the convenience of grouped IT related service like Google provides are great when they work, there is no company or service in the world that is 100% reliable. And it's up to us as business owners to be prepared for those times when our key vendors or suppliers fail us.

If you're a small business looking to incorporate something as critical as Business Continuity Planning into your business, check out our seminars for how to get started, or contact us directly for a free consultation. Because here at Everyday Business Resilience Group, our mission is to empower small business, ensuring the growth of our small business community, and our community at large.

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